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About Our Profiles

To assist internal auditors, risk managers and other designated officers fulfill their responsibilities within an authority Grace Governance Solutions Limited (Gracegs) supply Local Authority Generic Risk and Control Profiles in an Interactive PDF format downloadable from our website or supplied on a CD - data template library capturing and identifying the Risks, Controls and Tests for all local authority services, processes and functions. These cover corporate, financial and operational risks and controls.

For each profile formulated we have mapped the controls to the risks, producing for each risk a list of suggested controls. Each control is also linked to the associated Compliance Test. This enables the user to select a risk, then view suggested controls and the associated compliance tests.

This library of Risks, Controls and Tests is a tool designed to be used as a reference source on its own, tailored to an authority, and/or to assist in the compilation of a risk register, risk profiles, audit programmes, populate risk management and corporate governance reporting software.

So far we have developed over 180 Local Authority Generic Risk Profiles grouped in eleven modules each one consisting of three templates - risks, controls and tests.

The methodology used to compile the profiles was a combination of existing knowledge; audit programmes; risk and control registers; workshops involving auditors, risk and operational managers; interviews with operational managers and best practice reports.

For each control a compliance test has been formulated to enable auditors, risk managers and assurance officers to test the controls.

The profiles can be copied and amended/tailored to meet the needs of auditors, risk managers etc.

The profiles have been produced in collaboration with a number of local authorities in the United Kingdom, but principally with Rugby Borough Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Ribble Valley Borough Council and Carrickfergus Borough Council.

Where appropriate, and with the permission of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (Cipfa), they are based upon their Systems Based Auditing Control Matrices and the Cipfa wording is used directly or in amended format.

The profiles are continuously revised and updated in response to user feedback and changes in legislation. New profiles are produced in response to changes in statutory legislation, introduction of new authority responsibilities etc.

Comments from Local Authority Chief Internal Auditors and Risk Managers

"Thank you for the profiles which I received today. I liked them so much I want more..."

"The Council has purchased the CD-ROM containing 11 modules and we are finding the information very useful indeed..."

"I cannot believe how comprehensive the individual profiles are..."

"We have loaded the profiles on our intranet so they can be accessed by operational managers..."